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Singing up for is easy, but you must be 18 or older to do so! Simply select the membership type, and enter your email address.

Soon after, you will receive an email confirmation and activation instructions from

Click on the link in your email to confirm your registration, and then you'll be free to upload photos and information about yourself.

After approves your profile, you'll be en route to meeting sugar daddies or a sugar baby, and luxury travel!

Membership Types

Attractive Voyager Travel girls post a profile on to find sugar daddies that will be their travel companion and fly them all around the world for a all inclusive vacation. If that sounds like you, sign up as an "Attractive Voyager." An attractive voyager is a fun, open-minded beauty looking to do some millionaire dating, outlined by the second membership type, called the "Generous Voyager."

A Generous Voyager is an individual who is seeking the company of an Attractive Voyager and is willing to pay for all of their travel comforts! As an Attractive Voyager, you may be gifted frequent flier miles and much more by a Generous Voyager who wants to cater to all of your travel needs.

And remember: as an Attractive Voyager, you get to use absolutely free!

Generous Voyager If you are willing to generously sponsor an attractive voyager so that you can travel with an open-minded and beautiful travel companion, sign up as a "Generous Voyager."

Generous Voyagers are happy to pay for all travel expenses, and can browse the website for free. Pay only when you find an Attractive Voyager you are interested in contacting.

2 Making A Connection

plan your honeymoon vacation

Now, you're ready to search the thousands of exciting, dynamic profiles on! You can either message a member directly, or send them a travel invitation through the site. Local and international dating, here you come!

Once you have found someone special you'd like to travel with or get to know better, go ahead and propose a trip: it can be anything from a weekend getaway to a beach vacation to any of the vacation destinations you might think of!

Don't be shy: even if the member you're contacting doesn't have your specific destination on their profile, it doesn't hurt to see if you both might want to plan a trip together or have interests or travel ambitions in common.

Through communicating with a member, you might learn you both are open to vacationing someplace you hadn't thought of before, and headed to the all inclusive vacation of your dreams!

When creating a trip suggestion, you have three options:

  1. Let's Travel: Chose this option if you want to find someone to travel with you to a new destination.
  2. Check Out My Hometown: Chose this option if you're looking for someone to travel to the city you live in.
  3. Show Me Your Hometown: Chose this option if you want to travel to visit someone else's home city!
A reminder:'s policy is that the Generous Voyager pays ALL travel expenses for the Attractive Voyager!

3 Plan Your Trip

sexy women seeking a sugar daddy miss travel planning a weekend getaway

Though Attractive Voyagers are allowed to communicate for free, a Generous Voyager must unlock communication so that the actual trip can be planned in detail. Of course, Generous Voyagers can forego the Trip Suggestion option and send a message instead, however recommends using the Trip Suggestion option so to waste time or money with travel girls who may not be serious about finding a travel companion.

Once you and the member of your choice have agreed upon one of many vacation spots, you are free to communicate via to plan out all the excellent details of your unforgettable travel experience! Make your special someone the Miss travel of Mr. Travel of your world!

Don't Forget...

Be safe! When planning a trip or communicating with people online, practice common sense and be cautious. The best trip companions are ones that practice respect, safety and trust! Though we have the most elite clientele on, it is up to you to use discretion when making connections with others.

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