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Payment FAQ

Is the site free?
You are able to create a profile, make trip proposals and browse the site prior to making a decision to subscribe. However, only members are able to send out and view messages to a potential travel companion through the website. So take a look at your potential travel buddies, and then sign up to connect!

Shouldn't it be free to read messages?
In order to keep the site running smoothly, we hire a team to make sure your experience is up to standards and spend the bulk of the money back into marketing to get new members from wealthy men to travel girls. We know you all work hard for your money, and we do as well. We rely solely on our members' contributions to keep the site in top shape for those seeking arrangements to sponsor a member, or get paid to travel with rich men!

Do you offer prorated subscriptions?
Our subscriptions only cover one month, three months, or six months, and will expire when you choose to cancel your billing. We do not offer prorated subscriptions.

What are your payment options?
You may pay by credit card through our third party billing company.

What credit cards does your company accept?
CCbill accepts any card as long as it can run as a credit transaction.

How can I pay with my credit card?
You can select our upgrade page and enter your billing information on our secure online form.

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Why was my payment rejected?
Because we have a reputable third party billing company to process payments for your security, we do not have information on why your payment has been rejected. Please contact CCbill for information.

Will your billing company accept debit card?
Debit cards will be accepted as long as they can run as a credit transaction.

Profile FAQ

I am having trouble logging in.
Please make sure you are spelling your login information correctly. You can resend your login to the email address you used to register your account at the Forgot Password link. Also, please make sure you enable your cookies on your browser when logging in.

I don't remember my login information (username and password).
You can resend your login to your email address by selecting the Forgot Password link.

I am unable to upload an image to my profile.
Please make sure your photo is in the right format. For example, be sure your photo is 500kb or smaller and in .jpg format.

Can I upload multiple photos to my account?
We do offer the ability to create galleries where you can separate public and private photos.

How to I change my default profile photo?
You can go to edit profile, and click "Change Photo" under the thumbnail of your profile photo.

How do I view a members private galleries?
You can send a request to the member through private message.

How do I select certain photos to only be viewble to users I wish to give permission to view?
You can go to Edit Photos, and select the image you wish to be private, and enter it into your private gallery.

Will I be able to read previous correspondences I've had with members after my paid membership expires?
You will be able to read all messages that were sent to you but in order to read new messages or send new messages you would have to be a paying member.

How do I stop receiving notifications of messages from my email address?
Go to Account Settings, and uncheck the box that says, "Receive Email Notifications"

I receive a lot of messages from escorts and spammers. Is there anything you can do about this?
Because of the sites popularity, we do not control who registers on our site. If you believe a member is violating our terms of service, please report them through the "Report Spam" function to flag the profile for review, and our moderators will take care of the situation at hand.

Why does it appear that my profile has been edited when I know I did not make the alteration?
If your profile has been flagged for review, we edit your profile to be sure that it is in compliance with our terms of service.

How can I contact a user outside of the site?
You can exchange personal contact information through our internal messaging system.

How can I cease contact with a member I do not wish to talk to anymore?
We have a "Block" function on a users profile, or inside of a private message if you do not wish to speak with that member anymore.

Safety FAQ

How does my billing information appear on my credit card statement?
CCbill-Conglomerate Marketing LLC will appear on your statement.

How do I know if a member I am speaking with is here for genuine reasons?
We cannot control every single sign up, but if a profile is flagged for review we ask the user to provide proof of ownership of the content on their account.

How do I go about planning a trip and finances involved?
It is up to you and your partner to arrange travel arrangements.

A member I am planning a trip with is asking for money before we meet. Should I send her money?
We do not recommend sending any finances to another member before you go on your trip.

How do I know if the member I am planning a trip with is serious about the travel arrangements being made?
Members who are paying for the trip are always looking for a for sure arrangement.


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