What to Look For In An Attractive Travel Partner…And What He’s Looking for in you!

Someone very wise once said that you really get to know someone when you travel with them (okay, maybe I said that). No matter who said it, it's definitely true! A worry free vacation begins with two travel companions who are compatible on a three different levels...and these levels are key to making sure your vacation is scorching hot, not a complete train wreck! Here's your simple compatibility checklist, so you can be sure your ... Read more

Treat Your Sugar Baby: 7 Creative Ways To Spend Your Wealth on the Sexy Woman of Your Dreams

Have an awesome sugar baby, one that you can't imagine living without? What better way to say thank you for her affection and company than giving her a thoughtful gift? Show your sugar baby how much you care about her, but not in the usual way. Sure, jewelry can be nice. A lobster dinner can be lovely. Still, to really show your sugar baby that you're HER sugar daddy, why not try something unique? It'll ... Read more

Sugar Mamas: 6 Rich, Older Women That Still Keep It Hot

We see sugar daddies rocking it into their 50's, 60's and 70's, but what about Sugar mamas? Sugar mamas can be just as helpful to male sugar babies as their sexy daddy counterparts. Sugar mamas teach us something very important, as well: that we do get better- and richer- with age! Here are six famous sugar mamas that continue to keep it HOT!

1. Dolly Parton. Do you believe the past 45 years, this ... Read more

5 Ways Technology Makes An International Vacation Even Hotter

Gone are the days of calling up your airline to buy a plane ticket, or staring at a map for hours, searching in vain for a decent beach. These days, we utilize technology for pretty much everything! Why not spice up your international vacation with a little help from the technology gods, courtesy of Ladytravels.com? Here are some very sexy ways technology can make your vacation sexier than ever!

1. Sexy Texts. Pics, chat ... Read more

The Cliff Notes For Bagging The Older Rich Man You’ve Always Wanted

Seriously, let's be short and sweet: you want a very rich guy to date, and you want him NOW. Here are some short, no-holds barred tips from expert sugar babies for getting into your older man's bed, wallet and heart as fast as you can!

Here are some tips from our sugar babies:

Seem smart: a hot airhead is a dime a dozen, but a well-read, worldly girl (or seemingly worldly) is much rarer. ... Read more