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affiliate program for travel and dating

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  • $50 PPS
  • Get involved in a new dating model
  • Convert traffic from across the globe
  • Tracking provided through ShareASale
  • Dedicated Affiliate manager to help you earn more
  • Unique creatives
  • Optimized Landing Pages

Affiliates Program

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet appear on my credit card statement?
CCbill-Conglomerate Marketing LLC will appear on your statement.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet if a member I am speaking with is here for genuine reasons?
We cannot control every single sign up, but if a profile is flagged for review we ask the user to provide proof of ownership of the content on their account.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet finances involved?
It is up to you and your partner to arrange travel arrangements.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet for money before we meet. Should I send her money?
We do not recommend sending any finances to another member before you go on your trip.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet a trip with is serious about the travel arrangements being made?
Members who are paying for the trip are always looking for a for sure arrangement.


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