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Welcome to, the premiere website for fun, adventurous travelers and traveling companions! matches successful, generous people looking for a travel companion with beautiful travelers who would love the opportunity see the world for free.

Traveling the world is a much more rewarding experience when you can share it with someone! And why not share your travel experience with someone who is exciting, likeable, open-minded and beautiful? is committed to bringing two types of people together: those with the funds to travel but without someone to travel with, and someone who wants to travel but doesn't have the means to do so. Together, successful men and beautiful women can connect with one another and explore all the world has to offer!

The Bigger Picture

Besides helping men and women find travel companions, seeks to fulfill a bigger goal: bringing people together. is an opportunity for exotic travel and the exploration of new locales, of course, but it's also so much more!

The site's ultimate goal is to facilitate a real connection between people of different backgrounds, cultures and worldviews. helps pair people up to experience the world, but also see if they like each other. By communicating with other members on, you may find friends, partnerships or even love!

The world is full of possibility. Sign up and see where can take you!

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A Bit About Ruben, Our Founder

Ruben Cross has always been interested in supporting the growing, dynamic community of online dating. In 2003, he began working with online dating startups to help busy professionals connect and find love. Graduating from USC with a degree in business, Ruben began creating his own brand of online dating through various successful online dating startups. As his web presence gained momentum, Ruben began publishing his online dating advice and strategies in books, web articles and journals. Ruben is especially excited about, which combines his two passions: travel and dating.


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